BBDRAW.COM has joined forces with the latest technologies in keeping with the highest standards of the glass industry.

Owned & Operated since 2003.


Our mission is to provide superior shop drawings to companies involved in the glass industry. A completely unique version of computer aided drafting has been created for this purpose. We have based our drawing techniques on the philosophy of Occam's Razor. Occam based scientific knowledge on experience and self-evident truths, and on logical propositions resulting from those two sources. In his writings, Occam stressed the Aristotelian principle that entities must not be multiplied byond what is necessary. This principle became known as Occam's Razor, a problem should be stated in its most basic and simplest terms. In drafting, the simplest image that fits the facts of a project is the one that should be selected. BBDRAW.COM subscribes to this philosophy and it shows in our product.