Special Notes:

There is always a small learning curve with first time customers. Our first job will take a little longer, as I try very hard to present the job the way you want to see it. I am very versatile.

References available upon request.

Addresses and $X amounts will be furnished to you upon request.

Basic Shop Drawing Prices

Please contact me prior to sending job if time and scheduling is critical.

If you are sending anything by UPS, FedX, or any other Non-US Mail, use physical address: Contact me for address

Basic Shop Drawings

$X.00 per page $X.00 minimum charge on a new project
( unless quoted )

Choice of 1 of the following sizes
Includes, but not limited to:

Shop Drawings are based on all information received.
Contact me for specific information requirements

Revisions and/or Changes to original information received for Job

Any revisions required that are my mistake or that I missed:
No Charge

Any revisions required that vary from original information received:

Government Jobs requiring Dimensions shown in Metrics:

All dimensions shown and any references to dimensions and sizes, will be shown as American & Metric.
Add $X.00 per page due to Conversions and fitting of extended dimension text.